Upcoming Shows

Man Show 2014
April 25 4-10pm
April 26 11-9pm
April 27 11-5pm
Prairieland Park
Saskatoon, SK

Woman's World 2014
October 3 4-10pm
October 4 11-9pm
October 5 11-5pm
Prairieland Park
Saskatoon, SK


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The effective gathering of people for the purpose of exposure and sale of provisions and ideas. The establishment of demand and excitement for commodities or services.


One who consumes. One who uses a product. Those who seek goods or services, and share the experience.


Something that amuses, please or diverts.



2014 Man Show

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Lunch with the Seagals

2014 Man SHED

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2014 Man Show

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2014 Man Show Booth Registration

2014 RatE Sheet

2014 Man Show Rate Sheet PDF


Star Phoenix


THE 2013 Ultimate Man Shed designed by Homes By Dundee" will be on display at various locations throughout Saskatchewan this year. Come down say hi and get your 2013 Ultimate Man Shed Tickets.

2013 Man Show 2013 Man Show 2013 Man Show 2013 Man Show
2013 Man Show 2013 Man Show 2013 Man Show 2013 Man Show
2013 Man Show 2013 Man Show 2013 Man Show  

The Homes by Dundee $95,000.00 "ULTIMATE MAN-SHED"

This year's Shed is outfitted with thousands of dollars of TOOLS, ELECTRONICS and a pile of other 'cool' things !!

Nu-Fab Building Products and other partners chipped in to make this the most awesome Man Shed yet!

Patrons attending The Man Show (including exhibitors) may purchase raffle tickets for $10.00 each or 3 for $20.00 – proceeds supporting various youth programs throughout Saskatchewan.

The Man Shed includes Mastercraft Tools, 5 HD-TV's, Blu-Ray player, PS3 gaming system, Sound System, Incredible Fireplace, Wet-Bar, Urinal, Toilet, Bar Stools, Stainless steel everywhere, Microwave, Hot Tub, Marshall Amp-Hide-a-Fridge, Kuerig Coffee-Maker, Shop Vac, 3-series Synchronized Awning System and dozens of other things that'll turn this working-man's shed into an AWESOME hide-away for you and your buddies!

This $95,000.00 Back-Yard Palace will be available for viewing at The Man Show as well as select community events throughout the summer; and will be drawn for at Woman's World, October 4-6 ... now at Prairieland Park !!


You can now follow The Man Show on Twitter and Facebook by click on the social media links in the column on the right.


As many worthy causes struggle to raise much-needed funds, Guardian Special Events created The Man Show as the ULTIMATE Trade and Consumer Experience for men ... all in an effort to assist provincial charities and non-profit groups who are continuously searching for new avenues of fund-raising...and of course, to offer the male marketplace a unique, entertaining and informational avenue to a wide array of male-oriented products and services.

This unique event will carry a wide range of exciting new features, products, services and other programs that men will find useful in their work and personal lives. And yes ... many of the Toys for Boys products will cater to the inner-most "Oh - I gotta have that" syndrome that virtually all men aspire to !! Of course, the ladies will also be welcome ... what better place to shop for "the Man Who Has Everything" ... or the "Man Who Deserves Something Great !!"

The Man Show promises to add a touch of class and flare to the event, turning the traditional trade show format into an absolute viewing and buying experience !!

Here's a peek at what you can expect to see and do at The Man Show !!

The hottest and latest cars, trucks, RV's, ATV's, motorcycles, watercraft, garage upgrades, spas, pools, fitness products, lawn care equipment, backyard "everything", billiards & games products, home renovation ideas and products, financial products, military equipment, hi-tech electronics, Plasma - LCD & Big Screen displays, Home Theatre, car & home audio equipment, personal care, clothing, golf & sports equipment and tips, satellite & wireless communications, hobbies, parachuting, extreme sports, auto racing, martial arts, camera & video equipment, health products, furniture...and so much more!!

Interactive Displays !! Try-before-you-Buy Options !! Presentations !! Comedy !! Music !!

Enjoy "Man-Size" servings of unique food and beverage samples ... brew pubs, martini bar, show stage, demonstrations, wine & cheese bar, live music ... and more !!

Hosted by Blacksun